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History of Das Khaman (Remembering Daskaka) Efforts of DasKaka & Nandubaa initiated in 1922, has lead a brand become legacy and we being the 4th generation wish to reveal the history of the famous Khaman at Das by dedicating these words of honour to them.

1922 before India got independence, there lived a man named Shri Pitambardas Thakkar. He lived in Ahmedabad, where he started to offer homemade Khaman to the nearby people of his residence, through a small “Thela”, commercial lorry. His fame started growing when people used to address him & his served khaman as “DasKaka na khaman”.

A routine Gujarati delicacy got a name of the brand in the year 1922, when we had no idea about the legacy it was to carry in future.Smt. Nanduba, who was the wife of Shri Pitambardas Thakkar, used to help him to prepare khaman and then DasKaka used to go and sell it. The legacy carried forward and reached the 4th generation of Shri Pitambardas Thakkar.

These 9 decades gave fame, brand awareness of DasKhaman to the locals of Ahmedabad, and soon a small initiative by Das Kaka became the known brand of Ahmedabad. One by one adding more flavors to varied khaman and other Gujarati farsan made DAS a well established and desirable food brand of Ahmedabad.

Today Das Khaman’s legacy and brand is known to everyone who stays in Ahmedabad. Radio stations, newspapers, digital media has many times endorsed the authenticity of food and quality is bench-marked.

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The Legacy led brand Das Khaman offers Authentic Gujarati Farsan in all over Ahmedabad through the Corporate Events’ serve. Das Khaman is distinctly known for quality food which is now not only a refreshment or snacking outside but an all time craving of the people. Delighting a birthday party to marriage functions & celebrity night, we have our LIVE counter for any & every occasion.

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